Three advanced military applications using artificial intelligence

According to recent revenue statistics, the global robotics and artificial intelligence industry focused on the development of defense systems is worth $39.22 billion with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.04% and expected to reach $61 billion by 2027.

This figure is not the average revenue values of IT consulting services, but surely proves a point that defense and military technology is also counting on AI and robotics to modernize their defense capabilities.

Here are some of the modern military technologies employing AI-driven systems

AI-driven location and positioning systems

The US Department of Defense (DOD) has long been interested in the potential of AI to enhance and modernize defense and military applications.

This is because AI has the ability to collect data, learn from it and evolve in the process. One of the popular advantages of AI is in the development of location and positioning systems for a variety of uses from missile systems, territorial mapping, military reconnaissance activities and infrastructure development.

Smart warfare: Using AI-powered weaponry

Another goal of modernizing the defense industry is to help develop smart warfare technologies employing AI-driven platforms too in reducing casualties or collateral damage through controlled weapon displacement during armed conflicts.

Currently, remote-controlled military drones are developed with AI technology to enhance its capabilities for autonomous operations in war-torn or conflict-ridden areas.

One other application of smart AI technology is the use of robots that can be used for a number of functions such as landmine detection, rescue operations, logistical alternatives and much more. The aim is for AI systems to autonomously operate these robot devices not only to reduce human casualties in risk areas but also provide intelligence to command operations.

Smart camouflage and cloaking devices

Once the stuff of video games and science fiction, the concept of cloaking technology has long been a coveted proposition for both the civilian and military sectors.

A researcher from the University of Bingham has created an invisibility cloak using a variety of met materials that were artificially-engineered and contain properties that are not found in nature.

The materials used contain certain optical properties allowing users to control light signals around it without being absorbed or reflected.

The team is also currently working on an enhanced prototype using machine-learning algorithms to provide better cloaking abilities by accurately and rapidly detecting metamaterial objects to activate see-through capabilities.

These military and defense applications also have its counterparts for similar benefits in civilian life, with functional impacts to manufacturing, industries and more. It will also give small business IT support services the opportunity to take advantage of these technologies to enhance and improve network applications and more.


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