How to choose a proxy server

When learning about the functioning of proxy server, the first thing that you find out that it is a kind of intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet. It processes calls to the network and sends the results to you. Modern proxies allow you to: ● enhance the speed of work on the Internet; ● make the surfing process anonymous; ● go to the websites the access to which is closed. Today, a proxy server is used in all corporate and local networks where a group of users has access to the Internet through a central computer. Owing to it, the administrator is able to track the number of incoming and outgoing traffic, see the visited pages and disconnect the user from the Internet. The choice of proxy depends on your own purposes. But even then, you will have to choose from a fairly extensive list. After all, each server has a lot of characteristics that determine certain of its working properties. There are many offers on the network for choosing proxy servers. But the problem is that most of the sites are not that not safe. That’s why it is highly important to find the right one that could ensure the safety, full confidentiality and perfect functioning, such as So, how to be right about when choosing a proxy? ● If you want to occasionally download small files, you can use a free proxy but if you are a fan of foreign television or want to download something that is available only on foreign portals, then you cannot do without a private server. Only the private one will be able to provide you with the necessary speed of performing. Same deal with downloads – other users do not overload private IP because only you use it. ● Optimizers use servers mostly for parsing, that means that they need a proxy with a good history. It is impossible to check the information of the public server because a huge number of people use it. Such services are paid but they are really worth it. ● Whether you are going to just play for your pleasure or it is money, you need a powerful and high-quality server. After all, if it is slow or the connection “breaks off” at the inappropriate moment, it will affect the final result. So, for any serious business, it is recommended to purchase a high-quality server that provides you with anonymity and ensure the quick work without interruption. Such servers are provided by the following proxy seller service Today, proxy servers are the most effective way to hide the IP address of a computer on the Internet. They provide secure data transfer from the user’s computer to the server. Compared to other ways of ensuring anonymity, proxies are easy to configure and use, do not require mandatory cash investments and provide anonymity when working with any programs and even games. In addition, using a proxy, you can reduce the time required to transfer data, which is very important in computer online games.

Ecommerce to Grow by 16 Percent This Festive Season, But Are Retailers Fully Prepared?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), United States retail sales will increase between 3.2 and 3.8 percent this year with the festive season expected to be the peak of sales. However, this will only be so if buyers beat the $658.3 billion earned in 2016’s holiday season. In line with this, Risk Management & Fraud Prevention experts are urging merchants to be on the look during 2017’s holidays and put into practice simple strategies to boost up their sales this festive season.

Kantar, a retail consulting company also forecasts that retail sales will grow to 3.7 percent come 2017’s fourth quarter in contrast to last year’s quarter. Kantar predicts a 2.5 percent increase for Physical/brick-and-mortar retailers and a 16 percent growth in online sales during the holiday quarter. In agreement with these findings, Fung Global Retail & Tech also stated that eCommerce is becoming a trend and will most likely out-do physical shop retail. Fung Global recently conducted a survey which showed that 82 percent of buyers plan to purchase festive season gifts online in comparison to the 77 percent who prefer brick-and-mortar stores.

Ecommerce experts are advising retailers on what to do in order to maximize sales, stay safe and gain customer loyalty for future business. Here are a few holiday season recommendations;

  1. Make your online storefront is user-friendly and particularly accessible by mobile devices.
  2. Publish content and videos that feature your best holiday season merchandise.
  3. Have a transparent and quick return policy to reduced chargeback levels and ensure consumer satisfaction.
  4. Examine all consumer reviews and respond adequately to negative feedback
  5. Augment your fraud prevention and chargeback management systems during the festive season to reduce risks and minimize losses especially if you run a bad credit merchant account.
  6. Speed up the shipping and delivery process to put off friendly fraud. 
  7. Reduce false declines and set up a manual review system – this helps you boost up transaction approval rates without compromising on fraud prevention. 
  8. Promote your special offers throughout the holidays e.g. after sale services like free shipping
  9. Offer several payment alternatives and do away with unnecessary friction to ensure the best consumer experience.

Wrapping Up

Even as you look forward to a high sales season, don’t let the joy of winning out-do the willingness to prepare for success. Remember to protect your online business against fraud and high rates of chargebacks as this may mean trouble come 2018.

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Electronic payments expert, Blair Thomas, co-founded eMerchantBroker in 2010. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. eMerchantBroker is America’s No.1 bad credit merchant account Provider serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.


Free mobile games for full on fun

Entertainment has got a new direction after the arrival of mobile phones. This multidimensional device has open ample amount of scope for the people. Cell phones are no more treated only as a medium of communication. With so many exciting features added to this device, it has become multipurpose tool. The latest mobile phones are embedded with lots of attractive applications which can add to your fun moments. Free mobile games are prominent source of finding enjoyment in a handy way. These games are amalgamation of entertainment and skills.

Interestingly, these games are available in a wide variety, ranging from action, racing, puzzle; sports to casino, all genres are present to cater the interest of all gamers. Popularity of this medium is growing heavily with change in pace of time and prevailing trend. These are not only not only source of having fun but at the same time provide various other benefits too. For instance, while solving the strategies involved in these puzzle games, player can develop his skills, whereas scrabble games increase the knowledge of the gamers. Every genre of game has its own followers, so demand of them never goes down. Sports games like cricket, football are everyone’s favorite.

This way, every gamer can be sure of finding something exactly similar to his interest. There are many websites which provide these games. One can play online flash gamers on those sites and also download mobile games. To cope up with the increasing demand, many sites offer free games so that more and more people can try and have some real good fun through them. It can also be treated a good mean of passing the leisure time. With the exciting features included in these people can have unlimited fun without any scope of getting bored. Other than this, their availability in wide range give ample scope for alternative that every person who are interested in gaming can be sure of finding something that suits his taste of playing games. These days, with the facility Internet accessibility right through the phones, it has become far easier to download the games directly to the phones and then play them anytime anywhere.

In the recent time, flash games have really started fascinating players to play online games. In this, every step is highlighted with lighting, special sound effects and exclusive shots. Thus playing flash games have created one kind of craze among the regular players. Its attractive feature can surely influence any person to at least try the games for once. Action, puzzle, racing, sports, adventure or casino, every game has its own charm which definitely creates enthusiasm in the player’s mind. It entertains people and help interaction among friends easy. While availing the feature of multi player games, friends staying sitting at a distant place can enjoy at the same time. These way, group of friends can enjoy together. Playing online games brings the feeling of happiness and liveliness among gamers who now want to spend their free time playing exciting games on the Internet. So, get the most exciting games to have ultimate fun.

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Make Cash On the internet

Building Cash Online is As well Tough

I hear this statement all the time, but it is really not really that a lot of a shock. As well several persons are only performing it improper. Have you been trying to make money online, but not really acquiring wherever. Possibly you’ve tried a few unique programs or classes and none of them appear to be to make an impact?

I have listened to this from a ton of persons, and unfortunately, you’ve probably been lied to. Quite a few of the individuals jogging these plans educate you methods that assure to alter your life and make you a fortune, but commonly the only factor that takes place is you end up paying out a ton of dollars, and not creating any funds by yourself.

I bet this appears all to familiar, it did when I was 1st starting out. Nevertheless, let me tell you suitable now, there is no assure you will make a standard earnings on the internet no subject what you do. Possibilities are you will not develop into a millionaire overnight, or within the very first 12 months. It really is extremely not likely. If what you are carrying out is Affiliate Advertising and marketing, then I can inform you that you are almost certainly executing it wrong… I assume you presently know the incorrect way to make it a achievement, but keep in mind there is of training course a right way to make it get the job done. Want to know a lot more, sign up for at how to make dollars fast.

Most of the individuals who try their hand at affiliate marketing will relate to the pursuing six statements. They generally inform you this is what you want to do… Advertise a product or service or services that pays you the most. Make your web page & set all your affiliate links on it. Throw out a bunch of articles, with links back again to the your web page. Do a little bit of video marketing. Have some back-links for your internet site, then sit back & allow it all operate on autopilot, and of course my favourite enjoy as your paypal payments commence flooding in.

Really don’t get me mistaken, you could possibly make income carrying out this and I am certain a good deal of people do. But the large issue is that there is a significantly less complicated way to get to your purpose, assuming you want to make any significant money. But, what if I stated stop executing that. You do not want to perform so really hard, or devote so significantly and would only acquire up a little bit of time.

I will not notify you it will make you a millionaire, as you have almost certainly heard all that ahead of. But will certainly be making at the very least £1000 per thirty day period extremely swiftly, and this is just at the commencing. Now I do not know about you, but that appears quite fantastic to me.

The pros of online sports betting

If you enjoy watching various sports games, and are good at predicting how things will develop and who will win, then you should use your knowledge and intuition to make some money. You have probably heard about sports betting, and have probably visited a few betting shops for yourself. Well, now you have the possibility of enjoying this type of activity from the comfort of your own home. Numerous websites have appeared on the internet that allow you to bet at home. Why is this option more advantageous than going to a physical bet shop? The following benefits will help you figure that out.

Access and convenience are the first aspects that make online betting such a popular option. You can gain access though any type of device that can be connected to the web, giving you the opportunity to save a lot of time. Instead of going to a shop or track, you can access sports gambling effortlessly from your living room couch. A betting shop might not be the most pleasant environment to be in, so this will come as a great advantage, allowing you to focus solely on gambling, and making the right choices. 10bet is one example of website that provides you with all of these benefits.

Another aspect that appeals to sports gamblers is the variety of options offered by online betting. The right type of website can give you the chance to choose from a more extensive selection of betting types and also to bet on any sport, regardless of country or continent. The versatility this option comes with can help you increase your gains, and perhaps discover new a new passion. Regardless if it is 2 am or 5 pm, you can place your bet on the game of your choice at any hour. Some sports even allow you to start gambling during the actual match. Also, you can do some research quickly before betting, to make sure you are making a wise choice.

One last reason why you should give this possibility of a try is due to the ease of transaction. If there is an important game coming up and you are thinking about investing some money in it, then it will be much easier to make an online transaction. In just a few seconds you can place how many bets you desire, through a secure and completely safe server. Using the deposit method of your choice, the transaction will run smoothly and quickly.

If you are sports enthusiast, and you are constantly watching important games, then why not use your knowledge to gain some financial advantage? Sports betting is an essay and fast way to make money, and now that you have the possibility of placing bets just by using your computer or smartphone, the process if even more simple. However, to prevent the possibility of being scammed, choose to resort to an online platform with a good reputation, one example being Sportwetten MyProBet. Betting shops are no longer popular, so choose the convenience of the online environment instead.

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Watch Full Length Movies On-line No Download

Watch Full Length Movies On-line No Download Lots of people are searching for this kind of service however they are often upset with what they discover. There are certain websites that advertise having free films you could watch and when you arrive on the site you might be requested to fill out a survey or set up an intrusive advertisement service to your PC. Luckily for you these disappointing and time consuming experiences are over! The variety of titles obtainable varies depending on the category of every of those three sites. Your best option for you depends upon what you want to watch, you rent films on-line enjoy TELEVISION reveals , classics or new?

There are 2 sorts of online movies websites. 1. Websites that provide films that you can straight watch straight away using online software or a video player reminiscent of Divx.etc. 2. Web sites the place you can download motion pictures and burn them to a disk. Nevertheless strani filmovi most film download sites could have viruses, spy ware or different malicious content material. If you are on the lookout for a web based movie website use a search engine resembling Google or Yahoo! When looking out use correct search terms in any other case it may flip up mistaken outcomes.

Presently, anybody may get to watch movies online freed from charge, but there are some people who doubt its advantages and its straightforward accessibility and as an alternative settle for renting DVDs or watch films in cinemas. Little do they know that they may take pleasure in watching movies within the consolation of their home with out having to pay each time that they wish to watch. With just turning their laptop on and logging into the online world, anybody of viewing age could get to watch no matterthat they want. Ultimate for: The infrequent movie watcher who prefers a pay-as-you-go approach and who desires new releases on time (and typically earlier).

Watch One Night time in Paris because it may very well be a movie like no other to you. Something like this can only be good in the eyes of those who personally handpick such great work out of 1’s personal private taste. The title alone reveals how it might carry its plot around filmovi sa prevodom the culture and lifestyle of France and use the facts of reality as the significant parts to a show that not only entertains but touches its viewers as well in the way that the artist who produced it meant to take action within the first place.

See the 2011 On-line New England Film Pageant’s list of all of the films or learn extra about them in a sneak preview from’s August challenge and a profile from September’s challenge. You may also listen to an interview with founder Michele Meek and filmmaker Jake Haehnel on UNregular Radio’s Citywide Blackout. 2010 Online New England Movie Competition In 2010, quite than an open name for entries, partnered with select festivals across the region who hand-selected the roster of films screening from September 1, 2010 – October 15, 2010. All movies had been made by native solid and/or crew. 2009 On-line New England Film Pageant visit this website