Three advanced military applications using artificial intelligence

According to recent revenue statistics, the global robotics and artificial intelligence industry focused on the development of defense systems is worth $39.22 billion with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.04% and expected to reach $61 billion by 2027.

This figure is not the average revenue values of IT consulting services, but surely proves a point that defense and military technology is also counting on AI and robotics to modernize their defense capabilities.

Here are some of the modern military technologies employing AI-driven systems

AI-driven location and positioning systems

The US Department of Defense (DOD) has long been interested in the potential of AI to enhance and modernize defense and military applications.

This is because AI has the ability to collect data, learn from it and evolve in the process. One of the popular advantages of AI is in the development of location and positioning systems for a variety of uses from missile systems, territorial mapping, military reconnaissance activities and infrastructure development.

Smart warfare: Using AI-powered weaponry

Another goal of modernizing the defense industry is to help develop smart warfare technologies employing AI-driven platforms too in reducing casualties or collateral damage through controlled weapon displacement during armed conflicts.

Currently, remote-controlled military drones are developed with AI technology to enhance its capabilities for autonomous operations in war-torn or conflict-ridden areas.

One other application of smart AI technology is the use of robots that can be used for a number of functions such as landmine detection, rescue operations, logistical alternatives and much more. The aim is for AI systems to autonomously operate these robot devices not only to reduce human casualties in risk areas but also provide intelligence to command operations.

Smart camouflage and cloaking devices

Once the stuff of video games and science fiction, the concept of cloaking technology has long been a coveted proposition for both the civilian and military sectors.

A researcher from the University of Bingham has created an invisibility cloak using a variety of met materials that were artificially-engineered and contain properties that are not found in nature.

The materials used contain certain optical properties allowing users to control light signals around it without being absorbed or reflected.

The team is also currently working on an enhanced prototype using machine-learning algorithms to provide better cloaking abilities by accurately and rapidly detecting metamaterial objects to activate see-through capabilities.

These military and defense applications also have its counterparts for similar benefits in civilian life, with functional impacts to manufacturing, industries and more. It will also give small business IT support services the opportunity to take advantage of these technologies to enhance and improve network applications and more.


Will The Internet Kill Off The DVD Disc

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You have to hand it to Blockbuster, having to deal with monetary losses, layoffs and watching rival Netflix take all its customers. Then there is Apple, Sony, Google, Microsoft and others all offering online TV for free or at a low cost. Whats the ailing monolith supposed to do?
Well, they seem to be coming back with a vengeance. The company, from evidence at the CES show last month are throwing a myriad of new developments at the consumer. From DVD rental kiosks to internet streaming straight to your TV, mobile device or phone. You can even visit your local store and downloading movies to a memory stick.
“If you think of a movie, we’ll get it for you,” Bruce Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Blockbuster OnDemand, said at the show.
Even the kind of antiquated concept of renting a DVD gets a makeover. If you cannot find the dvd you want in a Blockbuster store then they will mail it to you – but without any monthly contract setup. Dont want to order a physical product? Well, Blockbuster are expanding its internet video streaming service, allowing viewers to buy or rent movies online. You can order a movie using your phone (yes, Blockbuster do have an iPhone app) then download it. If you dont want to watch your download on your 14 inch laptop screen, no worries. Just view it on another device like a Blu-ray player or an Internet-connected hd television set.

All great ideas, but available elsewhere and is it really just too little and too late? The company reports 2009 financial results later this month and has said it expects a net loss for the year of as much as $193 million. Several top executives were recently despatched. Looking at their bitter rivals must hurt. Netflix have increased their customer base by a million in the fourth quarter and achieved profits of $116 million for 2009.
Netflix are now ‘the’ DVD by mail company and Apple pretty much own the mobile phone tv market with its iPhone and coming iPad device. Game console streaming is dominated by Microsoft, Sony and Netflix. Whilst the video rental kiosks from Redbox are a big hit too.
It seems that its rivals have managed to adapt to changes in the industry faster says Kurt Scherf, principal analyst with market research firm Parks Associates:- “Blockbuster had that opportunity a few years ago to set the standard,” Scherf said. “I’m just amazed that they got passed so quickly by all these other players.”

Can Blockbuster survive by just copying what everyone else has done? They need to start dominating a market or you can only see one outcome. There is of course phone tv market, which apart from Apple and its iPhone still needs filling. Lets hope Blockbuster move a little quicker on this one.

Last night i walked past my tv and saw the cabinet next to it gathering dust. The reason? Because i never go there anymore, and that cabinet holds my dvd collection. Slowly i have accessed them less and less to the point now where i never go there.
And its not just me, why bother renting a dvd by mail from Netflix or Blockbuster when you can download the movie of your choice quicker with just as good quality and not be tied to watching it on a dvd player. If you want watch on your television, your pc or your mobile phone.
There are so many ways now to stream Internet services directly to your TV or internet connected device using a set-top box, your games console. Theres the Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Wii game consoles. Also quite ironically, you can send streams to your tv straight from the latest Blu-ray video players.
You can even watch streams in high-definition quality at up to 1080p with full surround sound audio thrown in.
The DVD hasnt quite been killed off yet, Blu-ray is popular and Netflix claim they will continue renting discs by mail for the forseeable future. But if there are many more people like me using the many options for internet movie streaming, im not sure how long that future will be.

How Internet Surveys Are The Thing to Make Your Event Planning a Real Success

Events are the part and parcel of every person and we all plan and coordinate them in certain points of time in our life. However, events are typically corporate and social yet these special occasions appear complete and add fun when there are guests or attendants to attend them. In simple words, guests are the life-giving force to the events and that is why many of you might be conceiving about some down-to-earth ways to ask them about their preferences. While you put online Event Planning Surveys into use for your potential guests to fill in, you can actually become aware of the venue they would like to have, if there are any food-related needs, the date preference, the type of music they want to enjoy or if they would like to put on formal or informal dress code. You can easily cover these questions in the event planning survey questionnaire and sort out the key details before any kind of social congregation takes place.

In order to figure what the suggestions and needs of your valuable guests are, feedback survey is worth the consideration, as it acts as a catalyst in this regard. They can consist of logistic-related questions about the availability of parking, bathroom amenities and if the venue was effortless to find; questions related to the quality of the orator. Additionally, you can conduct an instant mobile survey during the event to ensure that everyone can have a glance at the presentations or if they need more food and drink.

SurveyforBusiness facilitates everyone to plan their event well

With Survey for business, you have the great opportunity to create an all the way custom-made event planning survey in no time. Our surveys are the great tools to help you get opinions and suggestions of your targeted people before the event takes place.

Surveyforbusiness also helps the businesses by enabling them to bedeck their survey with the brand’s logo. Inviting the targeted users to participate and attempt the survey is a walk in the park: just post a link on your website or a social media website, upload your address book contacts to Surveyforbusiness or simply paste the survey link into an email. That’s all and get ready to see the wonder!

To get started, just sign up your account, and click “Sign Up for Free”, on our website, enter the name of your company furnishing with other germane information. Use one of our Free Survey Templates or write your personal questions and the survey is all set for use!

Survey for Business and he often profiles it including its services and other features with the view to leverage the website’s standing and distance its competitors successfully.

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Also, minecraft hosting companies need to be showcasing their popular plugins like bukkit, ftb, and tekkit. These commonly used plugins for minecraft are critical to enjoying your minecraft hosting company. This is just the beginning of determining the quality of your minecraft hosting company. Second, you should look at their pricing table. How is it prices? The average cost per gigabyte for minecraft hosting is about $10/gig. This can be more or less depending on the features that the minecraft hosting company offers. Compare the prices and see if the extra features of your minecraft hosting company pan out to make it worth the difference. Good luck finding this.

A quality minecraft hosting company should have taken the time to make the user know and understand the services that they are getting are relevant to minecraft. These subtle styles of minecraft hosting price pages mages a big difference in the quality of the site. Also, if the minecraft hosting company offers it, go through their forums and FAQ. A highly used product should always have these two services. A large minecraft hosting company will not only have their own forums and FAQ but will also show up on other minecraft hosting review locations and blogs. Google the minecraft hosting company. What do other people say?

Professional hosting companies are just now seeing the vast opportunity in Minecraft Hosting and are gearing their companies for them. These minecraft hosting companies may be new but their services and tech support will most likely be of a higher quality. To see if your minecraft hosting company of choice falls in this category do some research. Who is their parent company, check the whois. Have they done anything like this before? Does their minecraft hosting company have any alliances with large names in minecraft? Often high profile streamers and players will spin off and make new services in their field. Watch out competitors. They’re coming.

But wait, sure the hosting company is a great deal but we weren’t talking about great deals. We were talking about free minecraft hosting. This criteria narrows down the choices of what companies offer this kinda thing. Some companies offer a test server for a short period of time, others nothing at all. There is one promising new company called Apex Minecraft Hosting that offers something they call Community Craft. This is a central hub server that you are allowed to create a free server to connect too. What makes this all truly great is that the profits made off each server is split with the server owner. visit this website

There are three ways to use VoIP

Using business VoIP services you do not only save your money but also a company’s money. Business VoIP offers a lot of benefits, but cost far less for your company. Using IP telephony you can connect your office PBX to VoIP provider and decrease cost of company’s calls dramatically.
Currently there are three (3) ways to use VoIP. Computer To Computer is one way that’s very simple. Just install the softwareand use microphone and speakers. You can call friends and family whohave the same setup. To the best of my knowledge there is no charge forany computer to computer calls.
VoIP makes sense for a lot of reasons. For one, you can have itwherever you have an Internet connection. There are no wires to run, no”telephone poles” to sink, no switches.
Fortunately, VoIP is growing up. Many long-standing concerns–having to do with reliability, sound quality, convenience–have finally been addressed. And scores of new products now make Internet phone systems more powerful than landlines.
The way we make phone calls is changing. In fact in many circumstances things have already changed. Take long distance calls for instance, many service providers are already using a technology called Voice Over IP or VoIP for short. If you have never heard of VoIP before, then the following article will change the way you think about how long distance phone calls are being made now, and about how all phone calls will be made in the future. Voip providers. With VoIP you can make calls from anywhere you have access to a broadband connection, users can take their IP phones or ATAs with them on trips and still have access to what is essentially their home phone.

Broadband VoIP phone service is a wonderful option for individuals and businesses alike, bringing unique options in multiple communication tasks and endeavors. Now, there are more communication choices than ever imagined, and voice over technology is rising as one strong multi-use exchange program. Voip review. The broadband VoIP phone service requires only one set of cables coming into and out-of a home or office building, because all transfers happen via the World Wide Web. Where the Internet is already being provided, a broadband VoIP phone service can exist.
Some people use a softphone to access their VoIP service. A softphone is a specially developed software application that loads the VoIP service onto your desktop computer or laptop. Free calls. Some even have an interface on the screen that looks like a traditional phone. These softphone applications allow you to place VoIP calls from your laptop; anywhere in the world you have access to a broadband connection.